Greetings Knights and Princesses!
Thanks for the sweet igloo nominations you sent in! Here are some of my favorite Medieval-themed castles for the week:
Flappy Scoot said: “My friend Agentplumpy has a great medieval igloo! It has dragons, a castle place and more! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!”
Agentplumpy_edit.jpgEgghead11223 said: “My friend Squid1199 has an AMAZING and AWESOME igloo! It’s like the best igloo I’ve ever seen u should check it out!!!”
Squid1199_edit.jpgEvabeatrice said: “Please check out my best friend Oxnard09’s igloo. She is always changing up her igloo designs and right now her igloo looks like a Medieval Feast! Even her puffles look like they are from the medieval times. It looks like she put a lot of work into it and it looks awesome! Waddle on CP!”
Oxnard09_edit.jpgKeep the nominations coming! If you’ve seen a fabulous castle, post the penguin’s name and why you like it in the comments. Keep checking back for more featured igloos next time!
Waddle On! 🙂


Hey. It’s me. I’m changing the site’s theme. You’ll notice I have no header yet but I’ll get one soon. Stick around to see what’s happening to the site. Bye.


Edit: I’ll also be adding new pages.

Thanks for all of the amazing comments you submitted about helping endangered animals! It was hard to choose just one comment to feature, but I really liked Ariane2005’s:
“Hey Guys can you guess what I do everyday? Yep I clean up where I live. I do that because there are animals that live there to. Like Birds,Stray Cats, Skunks, Deer, Insects, Mystery animal, Hedgehogs too. You see any backyard can be a habitat so help keep it clean no animal likes a dirty habitat. This idea was inspired by club penguin. I have been cleaning the habitat for years. One More Thing Waddle On C.P”
Have you checked out the latest story clue? Seems like the room pictured below could be somewhere wizards (or Gary) might spend time in… 😉
RBY Favorite Room.JPG
For the next Reviewed By You, I’d like to know what your favorite Club Penguin story is and why. I’ll post one of your comments and you’ll even receive a 10,000 coin bonus on your account! Just in time to buy some sweet furniture items for your igloo castle.
Waddle On! 🙂
-Club Penguin Team

Hey guys! I’m back! If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new flag counter on the side. Its now green and black. Before it was light blue and yellow. The only thing that’s bad is that it doesn’t show how many visitors I had before, so now I’m at no visitors. But I don’t care because I like the new colors better. It’s easier to see. So that’s it for now. Bye!


Hello Penguins!

As you may have heard, we just released a new Treasure Book, full of brand new exclusive items! I picked out some new sunglasses and a new diving suit for the upcoming Underwater Expedition…

In other news… I’m excited to let you know about an exclusive offer at Target stores in the US. From January 7-February 12, you can unlock DOUBLE the number of items online with a plush toy purchase!!
Here’s how: With your parent’s permission, purchase a plush penguin or puffle toy from a Target store location in the United States. For a limited time, the code you enter online will give you double the items to unlock from the Treasure Book!
Here are the toys to look for at US Target locations:
  • Penguin Plush – Series 14 & 15 
  • Puffle Plush – Series 10 & 11

What’s your favorite Club Penguin plush toy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Hello Penguins!

Some of you may have already noticed that the team updated a few things for puffles recently.

blog_110609.jpgIn case you missed it, here are a few things they updated last week:

  • New ways to play with your pet… You can now poke, pet or even tickle your puffles!
  • New puffle mats in the Pet Shop. Now the carpet in the middle of the room looks different depending on which puffle is walking with you!
  • Puffle close-ups load faster
  • Small interface improvements in puffle close-ups

Had you noticed any of these new puffle updates? Which update is your favorite? As always, we want to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments!

Until then… Waddle On!

New Stuff

Hey guys. I was snooping around online and found out parties that will be happening on Club Penguin and an item. First, I’ll tell you the item. Boys, you might not be too thrilled with it because it’s a girl item. Anyway, the item is White Diva Sunglasses and they’ll be released in July 2011. Now the parties. The first party is a April Fools Party. Then a Earth Day Party then a Easter Party (Probably my fav party!). All 3 of those will be in April 2011. Also in April will be something called a “CP Magazine”. Then in May 2011 there will be a Medieval Party (One of my fav parties!). Then in June 2011 there will be a Adventure Party. Sorry if these things were posted somewhere else like on another blog. As soon as I found out I posted it here. If you wanna see the pic where I found this out, go here:  http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Ob8lDy6Ekbc/TRgPexn0jjI/AAAAAAAAEPU/S5ernRTpa0M/s1600/penguin-schedule.jpg. So now that you know about this, keep an eye out for when they will be happening!